I know nobody is reading this so no

I know nobody is reading this so no one will care, but I’m guessing I should at least try to commit to this blog and post (more or less) regularly, so here goes.

I finished the Experiment in Terror series (1-6), read book one and two of the Charley Davidson series (which seemed so promising but was actually rather boring) and am currently reading Fire Inside by Kristen Ashley. So far so good. I still have to write reviews for the books I read these past two weeks, but I planning on doing that as soon as I’m not dead on my feet (or my ass) anymore because finals are fucking killing me.

I’m surprised I even find the time to read as much as I am, but I’m guessing that’s because of the insomnia I’m momentarily suffering from.

So Wednesday I’ve got my last final and later that night I’m going ‘clubbing’. Thursday I’m going to an amusment park with my best friends because, why not?

And Friday, Tijan is finally releasing Fallen Crest Family, I’m so freaking exited. Though I do have to work from 6pm to 12 o’clock.