I know, I know, I’m possibly the worst blogger ever, but I’m not planning on writing any new reviews soon. I might post some old ones Friday, but I’m enjoying the weather right now, for another week and next week it’s “Gentse Feesten” and none o you probably know what that is. (It sort of a festival-like thing in Ghent, Belgium, but for free and not only music but also other stuff, such as amusement things for kids during the day and it’s just great and it lasts for ten days every year in July).

I’m currently (meaning, when I’m actually inside/at home and I am not watching Orphan Black/Buffy/White Collar) re-reading Sentiment Lost by Tijan, even though I just read it earlier this year, but it’s just that great and I felt the need to write a review for it.
Also, Tijan seems to be the only author who can please me lately.

Again, sorry guys!

I don’t know if any of you read

I don’t know if any of you read my little text I posted yesterday (which I have now taken down), but I’m dealing with some personal stuff so I don’t think I’ll be posting any reviews next week.

I’m currently stressing out because of some stuff and next week I’m going to some festival so I’ll be dog-tired. Sorry to my lovely followers, but I’m guessing it won’t be hardship. 🙂

Come Alive (Experiment In Terror #7) – Karina Halle

Come Alive (Experiment In Terror #7) – Karina Halle

It’s one thing to bring the woman you love back into your life. It’s another to try and keep her there. For Dex Foray, con­vinc­ing Perry Palomino to open her­self to their bur­geon­ing rela­tion­ship has been more chal­leng­ing than hunt­ing … Continue reading

Here’s a bit of an update on my life, for those who’re interested.

My finals ended on Wednesday, which is great since I was on the verge of actually throwing things at people’s heads. I went out with some friends, which resulted in some over-emotional drama thanks to one of my friends suddenly disappearing with her phone turned of. 

Thursday I went to an amusement park. Not the greatest idea with the sleep deprivation and the hangover I was sporting. When I finally went to sleep I didn’t wake up for 13 hours ande was still exhausted. 

Normally I had to work Friday from 6pm to 1am, but luckily it was a slow day so I got off at 10pm and stayed at a campfire a bunch of friends started until 2am.

I started (and finished) reading Fallen Crest Family yesterday (Friday) and started reading Friend-Zoned Tuesday but still haven’t finished it, but I think I’ll probably give up on that one and write reviews (really short ones, I’m guessing) for both books.